Academia Europaea has expanded the network and launched a regional Hub in Tbilisi.

The joint initiative led to the establishment of regional center that is consistent with the Academia Europaea’s values and Pan-European interests in the region of South Caucasus.

The main goal of the Tbilisi Knowledge Hub is the improvement of the access and usage of European scientific achievements for national as well as regional policies and the promotion of education throughout the country, including scientific research, through cooperation with international agencies.

“The Hub will promote education and research in all branches of sciences. However, the main priority is the development of multidisciplinary scientific activities related to biological, cultural, linguistic and ecological diversity in the South Caucasus. Such a goal is determined by the growing interest in the links between biological and cultural diversity and the expansion of the concept of bicultural diversity into an object of academic interest. The Caucasus offers a perfect opportunity for such studies: it is the highest linguistic diversity area in Europe and one of the richest and most diverse wilderness areas on Earth. Finally, there is high-level expertise in the region on human and natural sciences suitable for understanding links between nature and culture and the inter-relationships between humans and environment.

Throughout my career I have enjoyed great benefits of international interdisciplinary cooperation and I believe that the research that generates new knowledge can be stimulated by facilitating the mobility of scientists across countries." - Hub's Academic Director David Prangishvili stated. 

Academia Europaea Tbilisi Knowledge Hub Events